This method of hair extensions was launched in the industry about 8 years ago and are still going strong. There is no sewing involved with this method, the client’s hair is parted into three zones and then the wefts are applied at the roots of the client’s hair with the use of a pre-applied adhesive. The adhesives are usually surgical grade and are made of a latex compound and dry quite quickly.

These extensions are reusable and attached in small narrow wefts about 2 inches in width. They come in pairs and require a bottom and a top piece. Your hair is sandwiched inbetween for proper adhesion. This method sits very flat on the scalp and is nearly invisible when applied properly. We have very good quality Tape In Hair on our shelves to suit any budget!

Type of Hair used for Tape In Extensions

Tape in Wefts
Tape In Extensions are wefts of hair attached to an adhesive strip usually 2 inches in width. They come in a variety of lengths and attach to the hair with a surgical grade adhesive. They come in narrow strips with a top and a bottom component. They are also known as skin wefts. They also come in Single or Double Drawn Wefts and in multiple grades.

Menu of Services

  • Partial Installation: This is for a client that requires fullness or volume with not a lot of length. Between 10 – 20 pairs are used to create a Partial Installation. This will depend largely on the size and shape of each client’s head as well as the individual hair density.
  • Full Installation: This is for a client that requires fullness or volume but wants length! 20 – 36 Pairs are used to create a Full Installation. Again this depends on hair density and size and shape of each individual’s head.
  • Hi-Lite or Lo-Lite Package: This is for the client that would like to add hi-lites or low-lites to their hair using only Tape Ins! Whether you would like some face framing hi-lites or gorgeous lo-lites this can be created pair by pair giving a beautiful natural look without adding any chemical color!
  • Fun Fashion Colors: We have a beautiful selection of Fun Fashion Colors! Hot Pinks, Spring Lavenders, Deep Blues, Rich Greens, you name it we can create panels of color or intersperse them throughout for a fun and trendy look!
  • Tightening: Every 6-8 weeks or as scheduled, prices are charged per pair.
  • Temporary or Permanent Removal

Care and Maintenance
Tape in Hair Extensions require maintenance every 6-8 weeks. When you come in for your scheduled maintenance we will remove the pairs and comb out each section removing shed hairs. You will then be washed with detoxifying shampoo and dried completely. Every single bond will be re-tabbed and reapplied with great care.

Overall Tape In Hair Extensions will last up to 4 months to 1 year depending on the quality of hair and with proper care before they require replacing. You should use Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioners as well a high end quality Argan oil. When applying moisturizing products like Argan oil make sure to keep the oil away from the top of the adhesive tabs. Applying mid shaft down to ends is optimal.

Washing your hair gently and always drying completely on medium low heat as this will keep your locks beautiful until your next visit. We also carry all after care and maintenance products to keep your new Tape In installation beautiful and healthy for as long as possible.