Gone are the days of the frizzy, out-of-control permed hair of the 80s. Find out more about modern perms of 2017 and book an appointment for a consultation and see if permed, low maintenance curly hairstyles could work for you!

Easy to maintain curls sound like a dream for any woman with straight hair and not a lot of time. The modern perm may be the solution as new technologies continue to develop that could make a perm perfect for you! Modern perms have more to do with beautiful easy to maintain natural looking curls than with the old Jheri curl. Protecting your hair from the chemicals is easier than ever, but you should consult with a Radiance hair stylist before you start choosing 2015 perms for your hair.

New chemical processes have reduced the chemical damage and smell associated with perms and the modern perm is easier to maintain than ever plus more versatile for plenty of different looks. If you opt for a body wave perm, you can get perfect locks the size you want and forget about the daily use of hot styling tools to keep your look intact.
If a perm is something you would love our Team of Experts at Radiance can help achieve that perfect look!

Give us a call and book appointment for a consultation to see if a modern perm might be right for you.