Thank you for stopping by to learn more about Radiance Salon & Supplies Calgary and our Hair Extension Services!

At Radiance Hair Extension Salon and Beauty Supplies Calgary, our  hair extension services apply many methods of installations. We also have a fully stocked store where you can purchase any type of hair extension that you may need! All of our Hair Extension Technicians are trained, certified and thoroughly educated as well as being licensed stylists.

In addition to this we have a full service salon and an impressive array of hair extensions in stock so you can choose whatever fits your budget! Regardless of the Hair Extension Method you choose it will be installed by a trained and licensed professional and you will leave blended, look seamless and be simply beautiful!

Once you have decided you would like extensions your next step should be to book a consultation. They are completely complimentary and a very important part of the process when considering hair extensions. During your consultation our professional technicians will help you to select the best method and right type of hair extensions for you based on your individual hair goals. Although we do many methods of extensions not every method is right for every client. We need to take many things into consideration to make sure we have selected the right method just for you!

At Radiance we do the following methods. Please click on any of the methods below that you are interested in to learn more. But remember…..make sure to book a consultation. We will help you make the right choice that is unique to you!

About our Consultations

Full Head Weave

Weave 1 – 5 Row


Hot Fusion

Microlinks or Loops

Tape Ins

Dread Locks

Braids & Twists

Corn Rows

Inter lock

Clip Ins

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