At Radiance Calgary we cannot express enough how important a hair extension consultation is when considering any form of hair extensions as an option for your hair. Even if you have previously worn hair extensions for years or had a bad experience in the past hair extension techniques and application processes are ever evolving and changing. This is why it is very important to book a detailed consultation with our extension artists. What might have been perfect for you before might not be the case now. Plus, if you are new to extensions knowing all of your current options is imperative.


Most potential clients are always interested in two main things.

1. Which method is best for me?
At Radiance we do many methods and not every method is right for every single person. Describing your hair to the artist over the phone or through email does not really help. The reason for this is because although you may feel you are accurately describing your hair length, density of your hair and how long you would like your extensions, this may not be the case. A licensed and trained artist will never tell you what is right for you over a telephone conversation. The artist has to assess the density of your hair per square inch, measure how long you would like your hair extensions to be and to be able to guide you with careful education to determine which method is best for you and why.

2. How much will it cost?
Budget can be a very serious consideration for many clients. Although we have many types and methods of extensions to suit any budget it is highly impossible to give a quote over the telephone. Establishing a quote cannot really be estimated without a consultation allowing for a face to face meeting. Many artists are quite reluctant to provide prices over the phone primarily because it is incredibly difficult to determine exactly what the client requires until they are physically seen by our extension artist. The largest things that will affect how much hair extensions will cost is the following;

  • Method – Different methods require different amounts of time and labor which can determine the cost.
    Quality of hair selected – There are literally hundreds of brands of hair extensions and just as many different qualities. With Hair extensions you get what you pay for.
  • Quantity of hair used – The amount of hair that is used to create your desired look can greatly affect the cost.
  • Length of hair desired – The reality is the longer the hair is the more expensive it gets
  • Ongoing Maintenance Costs – Different methods have different maintenance costs associated with them. Therefore a consultation helps determine if you can budget the ongoing maintenance costs.

What should you expect during a consultation?

A Consultation should be complimentary. This is an opportunity for you to get to know the hair extension artist and for us to get to know you. Our hair extension artists will be listening to you and taking your consultation seriously. During a consultation, we will be asking you numerous questions to help you decide what is best for you. You should feel very confident in our extension artists and know that we will be able to answer all of your questions thoroughly.

Once we have decided together which method is right for you based on your hair type, your desired expectations and length then the artist will give you a timeline of how long they will take to install and what you can expect for ongoing maintenance. Once all of this has been established we will perfectly colour match your extensions to your hair.

Lastly, and most importantly we never want you to feel any pressure. Getting hair extensions is a very personal decision, a big one that could end up being habit forming for years to come! After we present you with all information we encourage you to take all the time you require to make a decision or if you wish we can book your appointment for your brand new extensions!