Hot Fusion Hair Extensions are classified as a Strand by Strand method. This means that we create specific sections in your hair and install pre-tipped hair strand by strand in a very meticulous pattern.

Each strand is approximately 1 gram per bond and Single Drawn. We take small sections of your hair and using a professional Fusion Tool we gently heat the top of the bond and use skilled compression and rolling techniques to apply each strand one by one. Each bond is composed of a high grade Keratin Polymer and is comfortable and easy to maintain.

Care & Maintenance
Hot Fusion Hair Extensions require very little maintenance. During the first 2 weeks after installation it is normal to lose a few bonds but we will replace them free of charge. Overall Hot Fusion Extensions will last about 4 – 6 months with proper care before they require replacing. You should use Sulphate Free Shampoos and Conditioners as well as a high end quality Argan oil. Make sure to only apply the oils mid shaft down to the ends. Avoid getting oils near the bonds as it will break them down faster.

Make sure to always wash your hair gently and dry completely on medium low heat. This will keep your locks beautiful until your next set. We also carry all after care and maintenance products to keep your new set of Fusion extensions beautiful and healthy for as long as possible.

Types of Hair That is Used for Hot Fusion
At Radiance our bonds are a full .75 gram to 1 gram per bond. We use only 100% Human Hair that is full Remy with the cuticle completely intact. Healthy and luxurious our hair is single drawn and will last 4 – 6 months before you will require a new set.

U- Tips for Hot Fusion Installation
These are individual extensions which resemble the curve and slope of a finger nail. They are also known as nail tips. Each tip of hair is pre-tipped with high quality Keratin and Polymer Compounds. Our U-Tips come in Single Drawn which is composed of multiple lengths or Double Drawn which is thicker and usually a heavier gram weigh and is consistent in length from the top of the bond to the end of the strand. Double Drawn hair is considerably more expensive that Single Drawn hair. To keep our Fusions affordable, we choose to use single drawn. However, we can amp it up for you and install Double Drawn hair.

Menu of Services

    • Partial Installation: This is for a client that requires fullness or volume with not a lot of length. Between 75 – 150 bonds are used to create a Partial Installation. This will depend largely on the size and shape of each client’s’ head as well as the hair density.
    • Full Installation: This is for a client that requires fullness or volume but wants length! 150 – 250 plus bonds are used to create a Full Installation. Again this depends on hair density and size and shape of each individual’s head.
    • Hi-Lite or Lo-Lite Package: This is for the client that would like to add hi-lites or lo-lites to their hair using Hot Fusion bonds! Whether you would like some face framing hi-lites or gorgeous rich lo-lites this can be created strand by strand giving a beautiful natural look without adding any chemical colors!

Bonds are sold individually to complete this look.

  • Fun Fashion Colors: We have a beautiful selection of Fun Fashion Colors! Hot Pinks, Spring Lavenders, Deep Blues, Rich Greens, you name it we can create panels of color or intersperse them throughout for a fun and trendy look!
  • Permanent Removal: Billing for removal is charged by the hour

Give us a call to book your complimentary consultation with one of our Fusion Technicians to see if Hot Fusion hair extensions are right for you!