At Radiance we take great care in creating intricate Braiding & Twists for Men, Women and Children. Book your appointment and let us create a twist or braid your own unique style!

Braiding styles are as diverse as the African American culture itself. Just like the complex mixture of rough untouched texture of dreadlocks or the smooth and extraordinary variations of cornrows African American braiding styles encompasses a wide variety of techniques and taste to create a beautiful look. A look that is simple and complex at the same time African American braids are now being worn by all races.

Wearing African twist braids are the fast becoming the new craze in hair braiding. These beautiful braids can be worn long or short, as well as curled on the ends or not. Twists can be easily maintained and are rather beautiful. Twists may take more or less around the same amount of time to do as micros however it does really depend on how thick and how long you want your twist braids to be.

Twist braids can be done by twisting the hair and then braiding all the ends together in a two or three – part braid. Twists are so popular that there are a lot of different style variations now in which you can wear them.
When it comes to hair braiding styles at Radiance we have you covered! Whether you want a traditional braid or would like us to create a stunning pattern & style our expert skills and highly trained staff can help you look your very best with unique and expertly executed braids!

Come see us today or book your complimentary consultation and see the vast array of options for your braiding styles!