Radiance Salon Calgary carries many brand names of the Best Hair Extension Types and supplies for your every need and budget!

Hand Tied Wefts:

Are generally used for weaving. Each individual hair is hand-tied onto the weft which creates a very strong but much thinner weft when compared to machine wefted hair extensions. The end result is that the hair extension sits closer to the head and feels more natural. Because the wefts are hand-made you cannot cut them to fit like you can machine wefts as they will unravel and come apart. They are usually packaged with multiple wefts per bag, while machine wefts are packaged in one long piece. Hand tied wefts will generally last much longer than machine wefts as they are made with a higher grade raw material. Depending on the brand you can expect them to last anywhere from 5 months to 14 months. The Brand of Hand Tied hair extensions we carry is BOHYME.

Machine Made Wefts:
Are generally the most used in weaving primarily because they are always less expensive than hand tied wefts. They are faster to manufacture and made by machine so the labor cost is less resulting in more affordable product. They come in one long piece that is like a curtain or a grass skirt. Loose or bulk hair is fed through a triple-head sewing machine and sewn together. At the root, hair is folded and sewn and then a reinforced stitch is added for a stronger hold to the weft. Machine wefts usually are thicker than their hand tied counter-part and usually available in more variety of styles and textures. Machine made wefts will generally not last as long as hand tied wefts as they are mass manufactured and usually with a lower grade raw product. Depending on the brand you can expect them to last anywhere from 1 months to 6 months. We carry many different brands of machine wefted hair at Radiance. Some of the brands include, REIGN SUPREME, BROWN SUGAR, NATURAL WAY and many more! Our machine wefted hair is priced very well and is one of the most affordable in the city.

I – Tips for Micro Link Installation:
Are individual extensions which resemble the tip of a shoe lace. Each tip of hair is usually secured with micro links which are cylinders that are used to attach the strands of hair extensions to your own hair. Usually sold in .5 gram to 1 gram strands, this allows stylists to more precisely add length to specific areas. They are usually Single Drawn. Depending on the brand the hair will last anywhere from 3 months to 10 months.

U-Tips for Hot Fusion Installation:
Are individual extensions which resemble the tip of a finger nail are in a U shape. Each tip of hair is usually secured with a professional hot fusion tool. The pre-tipped bonds are gently heated and applied one by one by using careful compression and rolling techniques. Bonds are usually sold in .75 gram to 1 gram bonds and usually Single Drawn but are also available in Double Drawn. Depending on the brand the hair will last anywhere from 3 months to a maximum of 5 months. This hair is generally not reusable when removed and a new set will be required for re-installation.

Tape in Wefts:
Tape Extensions are also known as Skin Wefts. They are small wefts of hair attached to a surgical grade adhesive strip usually about 1- 2 inches in width. Each extension requires two pieces to create one extensions. There is a top and a bottom and your hair is carefully sandwiched between the pairs to create a flat seamless look and feel. Depending on the brand the hair will last anywhere from 3 months to 6 months. The hair is reusable.

Clip-In Extensions:
Strips of hair attached to clips for easy and temporary installation. These are preferred for people who want to add and remove extensions with ease. Clip-In extensions should never be worn full time 7 days a week use. They are for periodic wear maybe 2 – 3 times per week and should never be slept in or worn for excessive periods of time.

When it comes to hair extensions there are two basic categories – synthetic hair and natural human hair. High quality human hair can be styled and cared for like your own hair whereas synthetic hair sometimes can become damaged with heated appliances such as a curling iron. Human hair is more expensive and lasts longer but synthetic hair can be quite useful and affordable for changing up hairstyles frequently. Natural human hair can be coloured while synthetic hair cannot. However, because synthetic hair is man-made, they offer unlimited colour from natural to fantasy colours. When it comes to Natural Human hair, it is best look for 100% Remi human hair. Keep in mind that there are many different grades of human hair and they are not created equally.

Remy refers to the cuticle direction of the hair. Every strand is aligned in the same direction from root to tip, the same direction your natural hair lies on your head. Having aligned cuticles is important because this helps prevent tangling and knotting. Unfortunately, some brands use hair removed from hair brushes or cut hair from salon floors and are still labeled Remy. It is also important to note that some brands mix human hair with animal hairs and could cause confusion to shoppers.

Try to stick with better quality brands to maintain the health and integrity of your own hair. With hair extensions it is very important to remember that you get what you pay for. So spend your money wisely.

Our salon is packed full of excellent Best Hair Extension Types, brands, option, supplies and everything you could need for your hair extensions. Please come down and visit us and shop right on sight! Our extensions are some of the most affordable in the entire city of Calgary!